We've Closed Our First Round of Funding

Nanobox has closed its first round of funding led by Kickstart Seed Fund and joined by Prelude Venture Fund, along with angel investor Mike Andrus, the Nanobox Chief Financial Officer, and the Gem State Angel Fund.

The purpose of this round of funding is to facilitate growth – growth in revenue, our team, our feature set, and our user base. Efforts will focus primarily in two areas:

Increasing Customer Engagement

As with any startup, a huge hurdle is simply getting our name out there; making sure developers know and recognize the name, "Nanobox." Marketing efforts to this point have proven successful, but the additional budget will give our Marketing team means to reach a broader audience across many different channels.

Once developers discover Nanobox, the next hurdle is making sure they have a pleasant experience as they come onboard. This comes through educational material such as documentation, guides, helpful articles, explainer videos, etc., all of which will benefit from the additional budget.

We are also building out Sales and Customer Success teams to proactively seek out and engage organizations that stand to benefit from Nanobox and ensure they are taken care of as they transition over.

Feature Releases

There are many items on the Nanobox Roadmap and the list continues to grow thanks to great suggestions and feedback from the Nanobox community. We have been hard at work building and releasing these features as quickly as possible and we are growing our development team to shorten the release cycle.

Our mission at Nanobox is to make developers' lives easier by removing the burden of application infrastructure. We are excited and grateful for Kickstart, Prelude, and the Gem State Angel Fund to join us in this journey and look forward to what the future holds.

Happy Nanobox'n!

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