The 2GB RAM Limit Has Been Removed

Nanobox users can now scale to any size single server without having to add the Scalable Components app upgrade. Previously, base apps were limited to a single host with 2GB of RAM or less. The 2GB limit has been removed primarily for the following reasons.

The Limit Wasn't Necessary

The initial thinking behind the 2GB RAM limit is that if an app needed a server beyond that, it's likely a production application that would merit the additional value of a paid app upgrade. For many, this was true, but for many others, it was not. The limit felt arbitrary and unnecessary and in some cases, prevented users from deploying apps with Nanobox completely. We take your feedback very seriously and agree the RAM limit wasn't necessary.

Added Provider Accessibility

Nanobox just released official support for Packet, a very affordable, bare-metal cloud provider. The smallest server size available on Packet comes with 8GB of RAM and it's likely future providers will have similar offerings. We don't want users to miss out on great services like Packet and others because of an unnecessary limit.

Pricing Updates Are Coming

The removal of the 2GB RAM limit is also in preparation for a significant pricing change that will roll out in the coming weeks. More information will be available soon, so stay tuned!

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