SSL/TLS in Dry-Run Environments

With the most recent version of the Nanobox CLI (Nanobox Desktop), SSL/TLS certificates are automatically generated and installed in every "dry-run" environment. The deploy dry-run command provisions a virtual environment on your local machine and simulates a production deploy into that environment. Apps deployed to a dry-run environment run just as they would in a production infrastructure.

# Stage your app locally in a 'dry-run' environment
nanobox deploy dry-run

Dry-run environments are a great way to stage your app locally before deploying to production. With pre-installed SSL/TLS certificates, you can properly test your app using valid TLS encryption over HTTPS.

What is Nanobox?

Nanobox is a "micro-platform" that builds and runs your application anywhere. It builds and provisions local development and staging environments as well as production environments using settings defined in your boxfile.yml.

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Things to Know About Dry-Run Certificates

Because dry-run environments are only meant for local staging and testing, the installed certificates will likely result in a browser error page warning you about the validity of the certificates. This happens because of the following:

Certificates Are Self-Signed

The certificates provided with dry-run environments are "self-signed", which most browsers do not trust and will display an error when visiting the running app. You can acknowledge, accept, and bypass the browser notice. Self-signed certificate still successfully encrypt your app's data.

Certificates Are Keyed to Your Dry-Run IP

Nanobox uses the IP of your dry-run environment to key your certificate. If you're using a DNS alias, the browser will inform you the domain you're requesting doesn't match the domain of the certificate. You can acknowledge, accept, and bypass the browser notice.

Updating Nanobox

To update Nanobox Desktop to the most recent version that includes the dry-run SSL/TLS functionality, run the following:


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