Packet Now Officially Supported

Packet is now officially supported by Nanobox, allowing you to deploy apps to Packet with Nanobox.

The Packet integration is currently in beta, but please feel free to use and test it.

Setup Your Packet Account

To Deploy apps on Packet, create a Packet account.

Add a New API Key

In your Packet portal, click on "API Keys" in the left nav and add a new API key.

Add an API Key

Give your key a description, Read/write privileges, and click "Generate".

API Key Details

Copy your API Key's Token. You'll need this later.

API Key Token

Create a New Project

"Projects" are Packet's way of grouping ordered servers under a single payment method. Go to the "Manage" tab in your left nav and create a new project.

Create a New Project

Give it a name and assign it a payment method, then click "Create Project".

Project Name & Payment Method

Click on the "Settings" tab inside your new Project, and copy your Project ID. You will need it.

Create a New Provider Account

In your Nanobox dashboard, go to the Hosting Accounts section of your account admin and click "Add Account", select Packet, and click "Proceed".

Add a New Packet Provider

Enter the required credentials.

Enter Packet Auth Credentials

Click "Verify & Proceed". Name your provider, select your default region, then click "Finalize/Create".

Name Your Provider & Select a Default Region

Launch New Apps

With your new provider on your Nanobox account, you can launch new apps on Packet.

Launch Apps

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