Omatum Launches BugPlug Using Nanobox

Omatum just launched their new app, BugPlug, a super simple bug reporting widget, on DigitalOcean using Nanobox. BugPlug makes it easy for visitors and users to submit feedback and bugs along with screen annotations. It integrates directly with Trello so new bugs get added directly to your task list.

BugPlug in Action


One of the coolest things about this product launch (besides it being done with Nanobox) is that the entire development and launch process was (and continues to be) streamed on Twitch. This may very well be the first product launched on a live Twitch stream. Check out their stream to see what they're working on.

Omatum is an ambitious development shop that creates tools that put you in control of your personal and professional life. BugPlug is just one of many of Omatum's projects. Another is Badger, a notification system for nagging teammates when they owe you something. Many others are in the works. Omatum aims to build and launch a product every 30 days and they stream their whole process. You should definitely check them out.

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