New Pricing & Teams

Today we're excited to announce our new pricing structure. This shift in pricing more closely aligns with the feedback we've received from developers. Up to this point, pricing has been on a per-app basis, which for many, quickly became cost-prohibitive. The new pricing structure is per-account coupled with with app-specific upgrades. Along with the new pricing, we're happy to also introduce team functionality that comes with collaboration, user access control, and consolidated billing.

The New Pricing Structure

Nanobox Account Pricing

Creating an account on Nanobox is still free and allows you to access the dashboard and download Nanobox Desktop. Launching apps with Nanobox requires a paid plan.

Account Pricing


Individual accounts are $10 / month (USD) and allow you to create and deploy an unlimited number of personal apps at no additional cost.


You can create teams at $15 / user / month (USD) that allow you to create and deploy an unlimited number of apps and collaborate with team members on those apps. Team accounts are designed to address the organizational needs of development teams.

Note: You can create and/or be a member of a team without a paid individual account.

App Upgrades

All apps come with base functionality:

  • Unlimited Web Components
  • Unlimited Worker Components
  • Unlimited Data Components
  • 2GB RAM Limit
  • Health Monitoring
  • Streamed App Logs
  • Remote Console
  • Secure Data Tunneling
  • SSL Encryption
  • Load Balancing
  • Code Deploys
  • Instant Rollbacks
  • Vertical Single Host Scaling

But as the needs of an application grow, there are app-specific upgrades that offer additional functionality and scalability:

  • Scalable Components - $20.0 USD per month
  • Alerts and Triggers - (Coming)
  • Auto-Scalable Components - (Coming)
  • Redundant Data Cluster - (Coming)


Along with the pricing restructure , we're introducing team functionality. Teams allow you to organize and manage your team with assigned roles that define what each member is able to do with apps launched under the team account.

Creating a Team

There are two ways to create a team. The first is to go to the user menu in the top right corner of your Nanobox Dashboard and click the "Create a New Team" button.

Create a Team Dropdown

You can also create a team while launching a new app. Just select the team plan, name your team, and proceed. That's it.

Switching Account Contexts

To switch between your personal account and a team account, click on your avatar in the top right corner of your Nanobox dashboard and select the account to which you'd like to switch.

Switch Accounts

Inviting Team Members

Collaborators are no longer added on a per-app basis, but rather a per-team basis. Team members have access to all of your team's apps with the permissions granted by their role.

To add a team member, switch to your team account and go to click on the "Admin" button in your account dropdown. Then go to "Members" in the left nav. Enter in the email address associated with your prospective team member's Nanobox account and click "Invite".

Invite Members to a Team

Note: The team member you're adding must already have a Nanobox account.

Moving Existing Apps Into a Team

If you have apps launched under your individual account that need to be moved to a team account, go to the Admin > Team section of your app dashboard. Select a team from the dropdown and save.

Transfer an App to a Team

Adding a Team App as a Remote

Before deploying to an app, you must first connect it to your local codebase by adding it as a remote. To add a team app as a remote, use the following pattern:

nanobox remote add team-name/app-name

What To Expect

The new pricing structure goes into effect today. For those with existing accounts and live apps, the next time visit your dashboard, you will be prompted to add a payment method (if you don't already have one) and select a plan.

If you own apps that should be transferred to a team, go ahead and select the individual plan. Every account gets a 20-day free trial. During your trial, create and/or transfer your apps to a team, then "pause" your individual account before the end of your trial ("Pause" functionality will roll out in the next week or so).

Apps with Collaborators

The way app collaboration works has changed, shifting all collaboration functionality into teams. If you currently have an app with collaborators, all collaborators have been dropped and only the creator of the app remains. You will need to create a team, invite your team members, and transfer your apps to your team.

Open Source & Pre-Production Apps

The new pricing structure amounts to a significant price drop for users using Nanobox to deploy production apps. Because of this, we've done away with our free open-source and pre-production plans. However, with a Nanobox account, you can launch as many apps as you want for for a flat monthly fee.

If you have feedback or questions, feel free to reach out in our Slack Channel or shoot an email to

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