Nanobox Public Roadmap

To provide both visibility into the future of Nanobox and give users a say in how things are prioritized, we have released our Official Nanobox Public Roadmap.

Nanobox Roadmap on Trello

How the Roadmap Works

Nanobox development happens across four simultaneous groups: Platform, Providers, Languages, and Services. Each group has its own team, list of work, and prioritization.

Work is prioritized top to bottom. Items with the most upvotes will be moved up the list. If you want to prioritize a particular feature, gather your friends and make it happen!

Upvoting Roadmap Items

Anyone with a Trello account can vote on a feature. Once in, open a card in question, and click the "Vote" button on the right hand side.

Vote for Roadmap Items

Cards with the most votes will be moved up the priority list.

Roadmap Suggestions

If there is something you'd like to see that's not on the list, there are a couple of ways to let us know.

  1. Shoot an email to with your suggestion(s).

  2. Jump in the Nanobox Slack channel and let's talk!

Go ahead, view our roadmap and let us know what you want us to work on!

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