Logan McPhail Joins the Nanobox Team

We're excited to welcome Logan McPhail as the newest member of the Nanobox Team. Logan is familiar with many different languages including Python, Ruby, C++, JavaScript/Node, Go, Java, Clojure, Elixir, F#, Elm, and Haskell. His current favorites are Elm and Haskell.

Logan has joined the Nanobox team primarily as a front-end developer and is taking the lead in re-architecting the Nanobox dashboard. Up to this point, the dashboard and back-end have been directly integrated, but we've decided to separate the two into a dashboard UI and an API. The dashboard UI will be a standalone javascript project (Vue or Elm specifically) that will pull data from the API to populate the user interface.

While his initial projects may be front-end related, Logan's experience and expertise in multiple languages and technologies will make him a valuable asset in future Nanobox projects. We're happy to have him on board and look forward to building the future.

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