Linode is Now Officially Supported

Linode is now an officially supported by Nanobox, allowing you to deploy apps to Linode with Nanobox. Linode offers "High performance SSD Linux servers for all of your infrastructure needs."[1] This is the newest entry into the growing list of officially supported hosting providers.

The Linode integration is currently in beta, but please feel free to test it.

Using Linode

To Deploy apps to Linode, first create a Linode account. Go to the "API Keys" section in your Linode user profile and generate a new API key.

Generate a Linode API Key

Add a New Provider Account

In your Nanobox dashboard, go to the Hosting Accounts section of your Account admin and click "Add Account".

Linode is an Officially Supported by Nanobox

Enter in your Linode API Key, then click "Verify & Proceed".

Enter Your Linode API Key

Name your provider, select your default region, the click "Finalize/Create".

Name Your Linode Provide and Select a Default Region

Create a New App on Linode

With Linode added as a provider on your Nanobox account, you can launch a new app on Linode.

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