Let's Encrypt Auto-Renewal

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, open certificate authority that provides free SSL/TLS certificates. Nanobox lets you easily generate Let's Encrypt certificates through your Nanobox dashboard. Now, Nanobox also automatically renews your Let's Encrypt certificates before they expire.

90-Day Expiration

Let's Encrypt certificates expire after 90 days to limit damage from key compromise and mis-issuance and encourage automation[1]. To encourage automation, all certificate management tasks can be accomplished through Let's Encrypt's simple API.

Nanobox's Let's Encrypt Integration

Nanobox leverages Let's Encrypt's API to automatically generate certificate "bundles" required to complete the authoritative chain and successfully encrypt data. Whenever you create a Let's Encrypt certificate, Nanobox sets an "auto-renew" date on which it will automatically renew the certificate before its 90-day expiration. No interaction is required.

Let's Encrypt Auto-Renewal


For more information about installing and using SSL/TLS certificates with Nanobox, view our documentation:

  1. Why ninety-day lifetimes for certificates? (letsencrypt.org) ↩︎

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