Introducing Managed Platforms

Today we're excited to announce our Managed Platform offering designed to maximize application uptime and remove much of the burden your Development and DevOps teams carry.

The Managed Platform includes three packages that can be mixed and matched as needed:

Infrastructure Setup

We will sit down with your team and work together to setup and configure the perfect solution for your application. You know your business, your team, and your technology. We know our platform, deployments, and cloud infrastructures.

24/7 App Monitoring

We will monitor your app 24/7. If any issues are ever detected, Nanobox engineers will be immediately notified. We will be on call to troubleshoot and solve whatever issue may be affecting your application.

On-Demand Support & Consultation

We will provide on-demand support and consultation which includes direct phone access, email access, and a dedicated Slack channel that will be monitored 24/7. If your application requires runtimes, services, provider integrations, etc., not currently available with Nanobox, we will build out whatever you need.


Managed Platform packages start at $500 per month and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Get Started with Your Managed Platform

Additional information is available on the Nanobox Pricing page.

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