Google Compute & Vultr Now Officially Supported

Google Cloud Platform's (GCP) Google Compute and Vultr are now officially supported by Nanobox, allowing you to deploy apps to GCP and Vultr with Nanobox.

The Google Compute and Vultr integrations are currently in beta, but please feel free to use and test them.

Using Google Compute

To Deploy apps on Google Compute, create a GCP account. In your admin panel's left-nav, go to "IAM & admin" > "Service Accounts" section.

Google Compute Left Nav

Create a new service account with at least the "Compute Instance Admin (v1)" and "Compute Network Admin" roles enabled. You can also select the "Owner" Role.


Select the "Furnish a new private key" option, save, and download the private key.

Using Vultr

To deploy on Vultr, create a Vultr account. In your Vultr admin, select "Account" in the left-nav and open the "API" section. By default, Vultr API access is disabled. When you enable it, they will provide you with an API key.

Vultr API Key

Vultr lets you whitelist subnets that can access the Vultr API using the generated key. To use the Nanobox Vultr integration, go ahead and click "Allow All IPv4".

Vultr API Whitelist

Note: If you're uncomfortable whitelisting all IPv4 addresses, you can whitelist This is the subnet on which the Nanobox Vultr adapter is hosted, but this subnet is subject to change. If/when it changes, you will need to manually update your Vultr account with the new subnet.

Create a New Provider Account

In your Nanobox dashboard, go to the Hosting Accounts section of your account admin and click "Add Account".

Add a New Provider

Select your provider of choice, enter your API key and/or auth credentials, then click "Verify & Proceed".

Enter Your Auth Credentails

Name your provider, select your default region, the click "Finalize/Create".

Name Your Provider & Select a Default Region

Launch New Apps

With your new provider(s) on your Nanobox account, you can launch new apps on GCP and/or Vultr.

Launch Apps

New Provider Integration Pattern

The Google Compute and Vultr adapters were built using Apache Libcloud, a project that provides a unified API for cloud providers. Through this process, we've been able to define a clear and simple pattern for integrating Nanobox with cloud providers. Because of this, expect to see many new provider integrations rolled out over the coming weeks. We will also be releasing documentation for the Nanobox/Apache Libcloud pattern, making it easy for anyone to quickly create a custom provider integration.

We want to give a huge thanks to @danhunsaker and @jjkester for doing the bulk of the leg work in both building out these two provider adapters and establishing the pattern for our future provider integrations. Thanks guys! You're awesome.

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