ElixirBridge & Nanobox

We're excited to announce our collaboration with and support of ElixirBridge, an organization dedicated to building the Elixir community through free, weekend-long workshops. Participants are introduced to and learn the basics of Elixir through hands-on experience. In each workshop, participants create and deploy a functional Elixir application.

The ElixirBridge workshops are intended to reach out to under-represented communities in the tech industry who have some prior programming experience and are interested in learning web development with Elixir and Phoenix.

As a part of this collaboration, Nanobox provides all ElixirBridge participants with one-month's worth of Nanobox account credit in addition to the 20-day free trial. Our goal is to allow participants to really kick the tires with Elixir deployment. Participants, as well as anyone else, are welcome to use the free Nanobox Desktop client, which provides simple-to-setup Elixir development environments.

ElixirBridge workshops are currently available in the Bay Area with others being organized soon in New York and Seattle. If you'd like to participate, either as an attendee or as an instructor reach out to info@elixirbridge.org.

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