Direct SSH Access with Application SSH Keys

App SSH keys are now available in your application dashboard and can be used to SSH directly into any servers or containers associated with your app.

Up to this point, you could only directly access application servers/containers using the nanobox console or nanobox tunnel commands, but neither actually use the SSH protocol. Nanobox instead uses secure TLS connections and port forwarding. In certain cases, direct SSH access is needed and is now possible.

Every app deployed with Nanobox is given a unique SSH key provided in all servers/containers. Your App's SSH key is available in your application dashboard.

Viewing Your App's SSH Key

In your application dashboard, go to "Admin" > "Security". Here you are provided with the IPs of each server/container in your app, an example connection command, and your app's private SSH key.

Note: In team apps, only team members with the role of "Owner" or "Admin" can view app SSH keys.

App SSH Keys

Connecting with App SSH Keys

To connect to your app's server(s)/contatiner(s), copy the private key into to your local machine. If using the ssh command, you can reference the key file with the identity_file argument (-i). Pass the IP of the server/container into which you would like to SSH. The SSH user depends on your hosting provider. Use the user provided in the example in your dashboard.

ssh root@ -i ~/path/to/private_key

SSH Key Permissions

In order to successfully establish SSH connections using your app's private key, you need to set the file permissions to 600 – Owner read/write.

chmod 600 path/to/private_key

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