AWS Selected by Hulu as Cloud Provider for New Live TV Service

Last week Hulu announced that it has selected AWS as the cloud hosting vendor to supports its recently launched Hulu with Live TV service. Hulu's release of its Live TV service significantly increases its infrastructure needs beyond what they were using to service their $7.99 monthly streaming service. Their choice of AWS to host their "first large scale production deployment to the cloud" - as the project was described by VP of Software Development Rafael Soltanovich - means that Amazon now provides the infrastructure for the three main streaming providers: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and now Hulu.

In its official press release announcing the decision to use AWS, Hulu cites AWS's "scalable, agile, and cost effective infrastructure", also referring to the cloud vendor with the world's largest marketshare as "reliable" and "secure". Choosing AWS over its own solution and other alternatives allows Hulu to accomplish the live streaming capabilities available beginning in May, 2017 "without having to spend millions of dollars and thousands of person hours building and managing data centers."

Moving apps to the cloud is often cited as one of the biggest challenges that faces IT decision makers. AWS is the most popular choice among cloud vendors, holding 47% of the market share in 2017, compared to only 10% for Microsoft Azure, 3.9% for the Google Cloud Platform, and 2.8% for IBM Softlayer.

More information about the choice of AWS by Hulu can be found in the official press release from Hulu.